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Environmental Policy

Atlantic Microwave Limited accepts that, it is important that we play our part in the protection of the environment.

Throughout our operation we must consider the effects of our activities upon the environment and understand that it is our duty to protect it for our own benefit and that of future generations.

The products we sell must be carefully selected to ensure that in all aspects of their manufacture, processing, use and ultimate disposal any detrimental impact on the environment is minimised or eliminated.

Whenever possible, we should ensure that we choose suppliers of products, materials and services who have adopted adequate measures for environmental protection.

In all cases that apply, we must meet or exceed standards set by law both nationally and internationally.

Harmful materials
Any products containing materials which could be harmful must be clearly labelled as such and with instructions for safe disposal.

Within our own organisation we must minimise waste, save energy, use recycled products and send waste for recycling where possible.

In all the above we must strive for improvement, adopting more environmentally friendly products, suppliers, materials, processes and services as they become available and phasing out those of a lower standard.

Mitigation of others' failings
As an example of this, where near monopoly suppliers of computer software, such as Microsoft, persist in the introduction of new versions, accompanied by cessation of support for existing and satisfactory versions, with associated requirement to upgrade fully functional hardware, we will make every effort to pass on existing hardware to needy users rather than scrapping with consequent pollution probability from materials and components within.

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